18 September 2019 – 05 January 2020

Throughout his long career, Picasso’s eclectic genius was expressed in the lively interest he took in spectacles – dance, circus, theater and the corrida – even the pleasure he took in creating a spectacle of himself. These are the themes that this exhibition explores. Another theme that emerges implicitly are the close ties that this prodigious artist maintained with luminaries in many fields of creative endeavor: artists, writers, poets, musicians, and theater people. This circle, “Picasso’s galaxy,” made him, according to Pierre Cabanne, “one of the key figures and witnesses of the movements and transformations of one of the most extraordinary periods in art history.”

Arkas Art Center represents Turkey with the “Picasso: the Art of Spectacle” exhibition in the context of “Picasso-Méditerranée”, a series of exhibitions in which various institutions from different countries participate.

Each space will guide you through a series of studies, mock-ups, sketches, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, films, costumes, and videos, documents that attest to the various areas of expertise of this versatile artist who exploded classical traditions, paving the way for so many areas of modern art. All art enthusiasts are invited to discover  the magic, mystery and eclecticism of Picasso’s unparalleled, protean body of work.

This exhibition has been organized with the exceptional support of the Musée national Picasso-Paris as part of the “Picasso Méditerranée” programme.