Arkas Art Center was established in line with the wish of Mr. Lucien Arkas, President of the Board of Directors of Arkas Holding, to share the Arkas Collection that has been collected in line with his personal interest and professional approach with art-lovers.

The sea viewing side of the French Honorary Consulate Building that has been active in Izmir since 1875 as one of the most exquisite works of its period was allocated to Arkas Holding for a 20-year period by the French Government for cultural and artistic purposes. After a year of restoration work, the building was opened under the title “Arkas Art Center” in 2011.

There are 9 exhibition rooms and 1 atelier in the historical building, which consists of 2 floors that were converted into a contemporary art center of modern features. In addition to being a historical building brought back to Izmir, Arkas Art Center is also the first art center where the works of many international artists and the collections of important museums and institutions are exhibited.

Arkas Art Center aims to contribute to the artistic and cultural life of our country, especially Izmir, to share Izmir’s cultural identity with the international art scene and to make everyone love art.