Nejad Devrim and Mübin Orhon have historical importance as the first generation to be educated with the Republican Revolutions and to have their artistic works shaped by the light of these revolutions, by their birth dates. Nejad Devrim & Mübin Orhon: Deux voyageurs d’images exhibition, curated by Necmi Sönmez, examines for the first time simultaneously the mature works of these two artists, who shaped their artistic lives and education with the ideals of the Republic, at a time when we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

Nejad Devrim & Mübin Orhon: Deux voyageurs d’images exhibition brings together the works of Nejad Devrim and Mübin Orhon, who opened a new era in Modern Turkish art with their extraordinary experiments in their art practices, originality, difference and courage, and discusses their extraordinary life and art journeys. It focuses on the bold decisions behind their paintings, focusing on the colours, forms and images that they developed with the influence of Turkey and Turkish art, and discussing the phenomenon of “intercultural interaction” for the first time.