21 February 2020 – 26 July 2020

“People learn by looking at things, by seeing them and experiencing them, don’t they? I too looked at things, saw them, experienced them and learned from them. But I also photographed them. Ok then… Merhaba!”

Ara Guler greets Izmir with “Merhaba”, which was one of his favorite words that he used throughout his life.

The exhibition, prepared by Arkas Art Center in collaboration with Ara Guler Archive and Research Center and Ara Guler Museum, brings together the photographer’s literary works from his youth, photographs from Istanbul where he was born and had documented for all his life, portraits of prominent figures from the world of arts and culture. This selection is accompanied by his photographs of Aphrodisias, Nemrut Mountain and the Noah’s Ark, which he introduced to the attention of international cultural scene.

The photographs of Izmir, where he visited as a photojournalist various times, are being exhibited for the first time. The scenes from the ancient cities around Izmir such as Agora, Ephesus, Pergamon and Allianoi reflect the transition of these regions through the passing of time. The ephemeral selection in the exhibition including the cameras used by Ara Guler throughout his career, his press cards, stamps and seals, contact prints and book models demonstrate his methods and vision as a photographer and provide visitors the chance to follow different phases of his life.

Ara Guler’s photographs meet visitors for the first time with such an extensive selection in Izmir. With his own expression: “Merhaba Izmir!