27 December 2012


Ahmet Ertuğ’s photographic works can be situated in three different traditions: first, the West’s history of architectural photography and his relationship with modern architecture; second, the history of the art of photography in Turkey and Europe’s perspective on Turkey; and last, his highly perfectionist attitude that developed towards the presentation of large-format photography in very recent history.

The talk will be directed towards showing these three traditions and will take as its topic the impact of these elements on Ahmet Ertuğ and his specific perspective on the topics of his selected books.

Rolf Sachsse

Rolf Sachsse (Bonn 1949) is a photographer who is specialized in architectural and industrial documentation. He studied art history, communication research and German Literature in Munich and Bonn universities. He received a PhD in the history of photography. He has been working as a freelance artist, photographer, curator, and a critic since 1972. He was a professor of Photography and Electronic Imaging Media at the design department of Niedderhein Applied Sciences Univeristy in Krefeld between 1985-2004. Since 1995, he was an assistant professor at the Karlsruhe Public Graduate School of Design; he has been teaching Design History and Theory of Design courses at Saar Fine Arts Academy in Saarbrück since 2004. He has written over 40 books and almost 350 articles on the history of photography, design, architecture, and new music.