Visiting Rules


Reservations are required before your visit, due to the limited number of visitors allowed into the Arkas Art Center. Please call 0 (232) 464 66 00 to make a reservation.


The duration of your visit is limited to 45 minutes.

For the safety of our visitors and Arkas Art Center Employees, we  have the following rules:

*Follow the social distancing rule (1.5 meters) when entering, leaving and visiting the building.

*Enter the building with a mask and gloves and use a mask during the entire visit.

*After the security check, disinfect your hands.

*You are not allowed to enter the building with food and drink.

*Do not touch the surfaces unless you have to.

*Use a credit card for exhibition catalog and audio guide sales.

*At the end of the visit, throw the masks and gloves into the designated medical waste boxes.

We Wish You a Healthy and Pleasant Visit…