Covid-19 Information

All the rules and information in the following text are the rules published by the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Family and Labor. Therefore, we kindly ask you to follow the rules. Otherwise, Arkas Art Center accepts no responsibility for any adverse event that may occur.

The disease may start with fever and may appear as a cold-like disease (dry cough, chills, shortness of breath, and widespread muscle pains) in the early period. Your temperature will be measured at the entrance of the building, visitors with a fever of 37.5 degrees and above will be directed to the nearest health institution.

The actions and measures to be applied to our visitors and employees who show signs of the relevant disease are fully known by our employees.

All public areas have wall charts for COVID-19 and hygiene practices. Please comply with the relevant rules.

We have alcohol-based hand disinfectant dispensers at the entrance of our building and in certain areas. Please disinfect your hands frequently.

We have hand washing soap and alcohol-based hand disinfectants in the restrooms. Please wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Wash with soap and water and disinfect.

It is obligatory to comply with the 1.5 m rule between our other visitors and employees, outside and inside the building. There are social distance markings and rules placed in the exhibition halls where there may be human density, such as the building entrance. Be sure to follow these social distance warnings, which are at least 1.5 meters.

The duration of the exhibition visit is a maximum of 30 minutes. After each visitor, the areas should be ventilated for a minimum of 15 minutes and cleaned in accordance with hygiene standards. Security guards have the authority to warn visitors. We kindly ask you to comply with the determined time period so that the exhibition areas can be cleaned for the visitors after you.

Exhibition areas are regularly disinfected. The cleaning periods of the whole building have been doubled, and frequently touched surfaces are disinfected frequently during the day.

Our employees undergo routine health checks and are constantly subjected to epidemic and hygiene training. They will support you with the conditions of using masks, visors and paying attention to social distance.

It is required to use credit card for payments.

For your disposable medical wastes such as masks and gloves, please use the medical waste bins located at the exit of the building.

If you have an epidemic after your visit to Arkas Art Center, please call and inform us.

We wish you healthy days…

Arkas Art Center