New procedures for visiting Arkas Art Center during the Pandemic period:



Reservations are required before your visit, due to the limited number of visitors allowed into the Arkas Art Center. Please call 0 (232) 464 66 00 to make a reservation.



The duration of your visit is limited to 30 minutes. After each visitor session, the exhibition areas will be disinfected. At the entrance of the building, visitors will be assessed. Those with a temperature of 37.5 degrees and above, or showing signs of a cough and cold, will be directed to the nearest health facility.


For the safety of our visitors and Arkas Art Center Employees, we  have the following rules:

*Follow the social distancing rule (1.5 meters) when entering, leaving and visiting the building.

*Enter the building with a mask and gloves and use a mask during the entire visit.

*After the security check, disinfect your hands.

*You are not allowed to enter the building with food and drink.

*Do not touch the surfaces unless you have to.

*Use a credit card for exhibition catalog and audio guide sales.

*At the end of the visit, throw the masks and gloves into the designated medical waste boxes.


We Wish You a Healthy and Pleasant Visit…