French General Consulate building was beaten as a result of destructions through time. Honorary Consulate duty was still actively carried on and therefore some rooms of the building were used and the residents were endeavoring to keep the building on its feet.

There have been deformations due to humidity in basement floor as it was below the sea level. Also the insulations on the roof and terraces, the tile roofs and zinc guttering system should have been renewed.

Following required permissions from High Commission of Protecting Cultural Property and Monuments and related municipalities, building site works were started in February 2011.

Firstly, special chemical reinforced grouts were used on the floor and walls of the basement and water proofing was provided; and a new pumping and piping system was established for discharging the ground water. Through the works started concurrently on the roof, the building was totally protected from water leakages in the upcoming winter months.

In the second phase, renewal of electrical installations, sanitary system and security system, structural reinforcements inside the building, rehabilitation of wall cracks, repairs and renewals of wooden shutters and woodworks were started. At the end of this stage being spread to a long period of time, the building got younger for at least 50 years and attained a strong infrastructure.

In the following process, operations were started to clean the exterior of building with special pressurizers and chemicals for restoration purposes in order to make the building gain its new face. Plasterworks inside the building were totally renewed and painting works started.

In the last stage, parquet modifications, polishing, lighting installations, ceramic and marble manufactures were completed. Lacquer and fabric boards for use in exhibition areas were installed. Floor renewal and landscape works of the atrium were completed. Optimal security measures were taken with the support of the Security Units of Consulate and Arkas Holding.

The building reached its new face and started serving as Arkas Art Center as a result of 8-month work in November 2011.