Born in France in the 19th century, Impressionism gradually penetrated Turkish art, and many prominent artists of Turkey produced impressionist artworks, particularly in the second half of the 20th century. The artists of the 1914 Generation, also known as Turkish Impressionists, witnessed the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire as well as the Second Constitutional Era when urge for Westernization was revitalized. That made them the harbingers of the young Republic of Turkey. İbrahim Çallı, whose name became the nickname of this generation due to his popularity; Hikmet Onat, Hüseyin Avni Lifij, Feyhaman Duran, Namık İsmail, Mehmet Ruhi Arel and Sami Yetik, quite different from the preceding generation of painters, contributed to the art of painting by diversifying themes and pioneered for the promulgation of this.


“Color, Light, Vibration: The Turkish Impressionists” Exhibition gives the center stage to the artists of the 1914 Generation without losing sight of the artworks of the painters of preceding and following periods. The exhibition thus brings together painters of three generations, showing outstanding examples of Turkish painting during the transition from Empire to Republic.