06 June 2012

Panel    The definition of “Orientalist painting” that derived from the French word “Orientalisme” meaning the examination of the religions, languages and histories of the Eastern people has become the name of type of paining that intensified in the 19th century and adopted the Eastern world as its topic.

Orientalist painting has a separate significance for Turkey because it adopts as topic the life on the lands of the Ottoman Empire. The “East” portrayed by Western artist covered mainly Turkey and Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, the Holy Land, and North Africa costs, in short Muslim Mediterranean countries.

Lecturer in Mimar Sinan University and Art Historian Prof. Dr. Semra Germaner and Prof. Dr. Zeynep İnankur are the two very important names that work on this topic with their books Orientalism and Turkey (1989), Istanbul of the Orientalists (2002).

In the panel where Prof. Dr. Semra Germaner and Prof. Dr. Zeynep İnankur participate as speakers and which will be directed by the art historian Ömer Faruk Şerifoglu, the beginning, roots, effects and acquisitions of orientalist painting shall be discussed in detail.

Place: Arkas Art Center, Main Hall

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Semra Germaner                     Prof. Dr. Zeynep Inankur

Moderator: Ömer Faruk şerifoglu

Language of the panel is Turkish.